Vegetable Base

        Qingdao Fusheng Company exerts its own advantages actively, which plays important role for accelerating local industrial adjustment and promoting economical development.


        At present, the company has developed 12,000mu vegetable base in Zhangying town, Jiaolai town, Jiaodong town and Puji town in Jiaozhou city; Xiazhuang town in Gaomi city and Huangqibao in Anqiu city; furthermore, the company develops 10,000mu tidal flat aquiculture in Yinghai, Hongdao and Hongshiya etc. At present, the company has formed integrated production and management system with bibcock leading base, base connecting farmer, planting, breeding, processing and export.


        The company can make farmers get income about RMB 0.1 billion Yuan every year. The company devotes its great contribution for accelerating local development, solving “issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers” and enhancing farmer’s income.