Quality Testing

        Freezing plant has about 200 workers, in charge of two cold storages of raw material, and finished products separately. Storage Capacity is 12000mt raw material, and 8000mt finished products. There are 8 forklifts bought from Japan. The cold storage has rackslayout for the clean orderly management of the products, and digital temperature figuresreflect its freezing status.

        The power station is equipped with 16 modern freezing compressors, could support daily power for cold storage, as well as for the blast freezer of 200mt daily finished products. Fusheng company has been always aware of environment protection while promote production. The sewage plant has daily 3000mt sewage handing capacity. They carry on water test at he plant each day, to make sure the water could pass the draining standard.

        Quality is the life of a company. To ensure good quality products, Fusheng company has purchased advanced inspection equipments, Model-6890 gas–phase chromatograph is used for pesticide residue test of vegetables, and Model-1100 liquid-phase chromatograph will be used for both seafood and vegetable to test ant-biotic and pesticide residue. The company has recruited 40 graduates from colleges, joining in their Quality contro team, to set up their efficient QC system.